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The 'key' to verify your Simmons Firmware version!
I used this to verify the Firmware version on my SD1200 and it may work on other Simmons modules.

Hold the ‘+’ and ‘Play/Stop’ buttons together, then power up to get into the test mode. 

The Firmware will be displayed on the left, see mine is version ‘20200914’, which is the latest for the -1200 series as of today, 24Jan2022.

Shut off to exit the Test mode.

(Note, the word 'FUN' = Function)

“SD1200 expanded kit User, but modified to 8" & 10" mounted toms and 10" & 12" floor toms (one is a spare 'snare' on a stand)”
And it shows also (based on your image) the snare is three zone.

Actually, that's most likely a hold over from the SD2000 module. The SD1200 and SD2000 are practically the same module. They only difference is the SD2000 had a three zone snare (piezo, switch, switch). And also had a three zone 4th Tom (again piezo, switch, switch). However the third zone on the Tom was used as "start" / "stop" function on the SD2000. I'm guessing the third zone on Tom 4 was sacrificed for the edge zone of the Hi-Hat on the SD1200.  Since the SD1200 has a dual zone hi-hat, but the SD2000 only had a single zone hat.

Since Simmons went with piezo/piezo on the SD1200 drum triggers, that means there is one unused zone (the snare shot).

Edit: Now that I think about it the SD2000 did not have a three zone 4th tom. That was the SD1500 I was thinking about.
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This test mode also works on the SD2000 module as well.
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