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GoEdrum Hi-hat controller with SD2000 module.
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I just tried using my GoEdrum hi-hat controller with my SD2000 module. 

For the most part it works quite well if you want a movable hi-hat set-up for the SD2000. The only real issue this set-up has is the topping out of the hi-hat cymbal. Meaning if I let the hi-hat snap to the open position the module see the abrupt stop of the hi-hat going up as a hit on the trigger itself. 

This can be dampened by adjusting the playing technique of the hi-hat pedal.  BTW, the GoEdrum hi-hat controller only requires a top hat cymbal and I made no setting adjustments to the module to use this controller.
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I appreciate this information. Cymbal splashes are near impossible on my SD2000 and ‘chicks’ have the issue of needing the sensitivity set so high in order to hear them that the open high hat strikes become far too loud. I suppose because the high hat is capable of several different sounds, each using a unique audio sample, that what is needed is the ability to adjust the volume of each sample individually.

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