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Simmons SD1200 Electronic Drum Kit
Guitar Center just listed the new:

Simmons SD1200 Electronic Drum Kit
[Image: L69829000001000-00-600x600.jpg]
The expanded version is shown above. The cost of this new kit is just under $1,200.00.
"Expected to Ship 11-08-2019"
From the product description:
Drum Kit:
  • 12” dual-zone mesh snare and stand
  • Two 8” and one 10” dual-zone mesh toms
  • 6” mesh bass drum with non-slip stand
  • 12” dual-zone crash pad
  • 14” triple-zone ride cymbal
  • 12” hi-hat with variable pedal
  • Real snare stand allows complete customization and solid playing surface
  • Hybrid hex rack with mounts provides non-slip mounting surface
Sound Module:

  • Large and bright full-color graphic LCD and intuitive, easy-to-program user interface
  • Simmons Signature Sound Library: 764 of the most sought-after acoustic drums, world percussion, and vintage Simmons sounds
  • Bluetooth® MIDI for wireless connectivity to smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Import samples to the sound module for expanded performance options
  • Record, create and edit your own samples and sets
  • Interactive Pattern Looping capabilities
  • Built-in performance mixer with on-the-fly mixing, pitch shift, shape parameters and more
  • Optional SD1200 Expansion Kit adds another dual-zone crash cymbal and floor tom
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Review and demo sounds of the Simmons SD1200

(10-07-2019, 10:58 PM)cagecafe Wrote:
Review and demo sounds of the Simmons SD1200

Looks like your videos are set to private.
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I was just at the GuitarCenter website and noticed the SD1200 drum kit is in stock and ready to ship!
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Finally a SD1200 Video
Here's my take on the new Simmons SD1200 kit:

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(11-06-2019, 08:26 PM)Hellfire Wrote: Here's my take on the new Simmons SD1200 kit:

I just wanted to give an update since my last post. I've had this kit for a while now and everything is still working great!
I think this kit hits the sweet spot for it's price range. To be honest it's the only kit I have set-up right now and that's saying something. I own many kits and I plan on using this one for a while. It just feels good.

It does make me think what an even higher end Simmons kit could offer however. Wink

Just think what a $2,500.00 Simmons kit could do... Rolleyes
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