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Hey Simmons!
Simmons Retro Drums, well just SIMMONS Drums.

Hi Simmons Drums. I am aware I am just some nobody musician but I have a suggestion.

Re-release original Simmons Drums, or boutique versions.

 With the popularity of Electronic music (EDM, Trance, Dub, ShoeGaze, Ambient, DJ's ETC)  

It would be great to have live kits that work with these genres.

I have built some "Stand Up" percussion stations for this purpose. Think of a set up like "electronic timbales" I built my pads from cut down acoustic shells with hand made internal piezo triggers. I could not attach pics here.

I like the look of your original 80's kits and then I saw your synthesized drum brains!

I searched and saw your new kits starting at 100 dollars for an SD2000 and then your old style  kits from 2,500 to 8,000.00!

As I am sure you know there has been a resurgence of analog synthesis. Roland has released versions of their 808, 909 drum machines and 80's synth's. Korg has released boutique versions of there own classic synth's as well as ARP and Yamaha, they are even marketing a new drum synth (Volca Drum). Behringer is releasing clones of everybody's original analog stuff.

I would think that re-releasing your original style pads (The one that everyone loves, no mesh, octagon, bright colors) with a "new" Drum synth brain with some updates like MIDI, a simple sequencer, Clock and memory recall for sets and some effects.

Combine this brain with two pads and two cymbals on a Timbale like stand as an electronic stand up percussion station marketed towards modern electronic music.

Then a 3 pad version and a of course a full kit that is the original set form the 80's with the new brain.

I would not market them as "Retro, Classic, Boutique, etc." Just market them as "Simmon's Drums" We're back!

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