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Midi help
I recently purchased the SD2000 drum kit to practice my drumming at home without disturbing others. Overall, I am a very novice drummer and I am definitely new to the e-drum world. However, for many years I have played Rockband and that is part of the reason I got into drumming. Recently, I tested out using the SD2000 in Rockband. Everything works well, however the only issue is within the game the Crash symbol is located on the right of the screen and the ride symbol icon is on the left. On the SD2000 and almost every other drumkit the ride is on the right and the crash is on the left. There is really no changing that and I would like to keep it that way for playing the drum kit normally anyways. The purpose of this post is to ask Is there a way to change the MIDI outputs of the pads and cymbals within the SD2000 drum module? That way I can have the ride register like a crash and vice versa within the game. Thanks in advance!

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