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  SD1200 Snare troubles!
Posted by: hearthedrummergetwicked - 11-09-2021, 01:26 PM - Forum: Simmons Equipment - Replies (4)

Oh hey, new guy here.  My SD1200 was rolling fine for a month or two, then the snare got weird.  Basically, it's triggering the head and rim together when I am just hitting the head.  Adjusting every possible snare setting to no avail.  Swapped a tom to the input and its maybe worse.  Thoughts?  For the work around, I basically find the best rim to trigger along with the snare, but overall sensitivity is also way off, sort of goes from 1 to 10 with little in between.  Thanks!

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  SD1200 RIM triggers, MOVE them for better response!
Posted by: Lefty38-55 - 11-03-2021, 02:49 PM - Forum: Simmons Equipment - No Replies

Well, if you've read my signature, I upgraded my SD1200 already expanded kit with a 10" tom replacing one of the smaller 8" ones. So what to do with it? Well, let's tear into it of course, and let's see what makes it work and work ... not so much.

BEFORE - I found the rim triggers lacking in response and with marginal audio, pretty much regardless of what sound was selected. I also found one had to hit them pretty good for any nornal response, but did not play around too, too much with the sensitivity, as that would change all in the kit.

Analysis - Before I took the tom apart, I took the rubber rim off, as honestly ... through my 'noise canceling'headphones (really good Seenheisers to boot!) I'd hear waaaaay too much 'rubber noise' when hitting a rim trigger. That worked, but now I was putting wood sticks to a metal rim, which OK, is like an acoustic set, but I kept playing around with it. I ended up taking the mesh head off and saw the 2 piezos stacked upon each other, 2 triangular shaped metal pieces 180-degrees opposed, the top one separated from the 'rim' pezo on the bottom, where the top piezo for the Edrum has the foam cone for the mesh head.

Solution - I removed 2 of the 3 self-tapping screws from the rimpiezo and swung it down towards the rim facing me, the eDrummer. So hold it securely- and just to test it - I used a longer screw w/ larger diameter 'fender' washer to hold that 1 screw in place, but it held that rim piezo hard against the heavy ribs that form the structure of the case interior. Even the metal 'U'-shaped clamp bracket from the eDrum case to the rack mount is thick metal, maybe 3/32" thick or better. I actually was very surprised - and impressed - at how neatly designed and configured the eDrums are.

AFTER - It worked! See the new blue position in the sketch. Wow, what an improvement ... even if only a sample of 1 test! Now, with or without headphones (I also have a small Fender guitar amp for now ...) that rim trigger actuates 100% reliably and with 1/2 the effort of what was formerly needed to trigger it (again, without modifying sensitivity settings) and these is less to no more 'rubber sound' either! Woo hoo!

Try it ... as one can easily put it back together as OEM, plus it only takes but a few minutes!

Additional - Impressions of the build quality. Extremely well-made, very heavy duty hardware, if you threw the wing nut that holds the cymbals or the eDrums to the mounts at someone  and you hit them … it would hurt them, heavier than the hardware on all but heavy, heay Tama hardware. Even all the plastic pieces have heavy ribs everywhere throughout to give it strength. All fasteners are good quality screws to metal nuts, permanently captured in their recesses. 

Note, when taking the rim lugs off, BEWARE there are thin nylon washers under the metal washers, to avoid metal-to-metal contact on the rim lugs. I'm sure done so, so as to prevent cross-talking between the 2 piezos. 

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  CHANGES (Module & Sounds) between SD1200 & SD1250
Posted by: Lefty38-55 - 11-01-2021, 11:43 AM - Forum: Commons - Replies (2)

FYI, I did an Adobe PDF 'diff doc' tool to compare the 2 versions of the PDF manuals and came up with this list of the major changes. Most other changes were between model # or where the 1250 now includes the 'expanded' pieces that were options to the 1200.

Drum Sounds, # Available       Blue = SD1200      Gray = SD1250     Black = Same

15/12 Ride, 20 Kick, 21/29 Cymbals, 38/29 Hi-Hat, 46 Snare, 74 Tom sounds and 764/750 Preset Sounds

Text Inserted
Pg 8 – Note: The snare drum works best when tightened. You may want to use the included drum key to tighten the snare lugs for best response.
Pg 8 – A kick pad patch is included with the kit. Attach this to the kick pad where your beater pedal hits to avoid damage to the pad, or leave it off for quieter operation.
Pg 10[Note by Lefty:  For Buttons #7 ‘Increment/Decrement’, on the front of the Module controls, plus this works on the SD1200!] If you press both + and - together, it returns to the first kit or returns an edited together, parameter to its default value.
Pg 24[Note by Lefty:  New Pg 24 for the SD1250 Manual]
The SD1250 sends MIDI note and controller data whenever you play a pad. MIDI is sent to the MIDI out, the USB connector, and to Bluetooth MIDI devices to control external sound sources and software.
Each pad and rim sends a MIDI note. Press UTILITY then F5 [MIDI NOTE] to see the note assignments. Play a pad to choose the MIDI note, or cursor to Pad and use the value knob. You can change these note values to any note number you like. The default MIDI note values are shown in the chart on the next page.
Some of the pads have additional parameters. The hi hat pedal sends a controller from closed to open, which is useful in some software. The default CC is 4, but you can change it to any value you like.


See photos attached for the changes/differences in Crash cymbals, Hi-Hats, and Ride cymbals.




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  Simmons releases NEW SD1250 kit!
Posted by: Lefty38-55 - 10-29-2021, 01:15 PM - Forum: Commons - Replies (10)

Just announced on Guitar Center and by Simmons, notice to me courtesy of Steve M., who is looking to buy a Simmons kit.

Master your craft with the Simmons SD1250 premium 6-piece e-kit. The SD1250 includes a mesh kick drum, 12" snare and four toms. Housed in a distinctive drum shell design, the snare features a rimshot sensor and includes its own stand to get the angle just right. Each of the four toms are dual-zone to easily trigger alternate voices, while each dual-layered drum pad is tension-adjustable to accommodate for player preference. The SD1250 also features a custom sound library containing 750 sounds. These include a wide collection of world percussion and vintage electronic drums for additional creative inspiration. A great solution for acoustic drummers looking to transition to an electronic kit, the Simmons SD1250. Plus, the included Simmons Advanced App for iOS makes it even easier to customize your SD1250, recall and edit drum kits, or practice with recorded tracks. The app even includes a sampler to record new sounds, then import directly them into the module without having to use a computer. 

The Simmons Signature Sound Library is an expansive collection of the world’s most coveted drum kits and snares, recorded with the same world-class audio equipment made famous on classic albums. Simmons’ VAR technology offers many dynamic levels of drum recordings, resulting in true-to-life feel and sound. Samples are recorded multiple times to avoid the “machine gun” effect of simply repeating the same sample. Classic cymbals were recorded in stereo and have a long, natural decay for maximum realism.  The SD1250’s 750 sounds include a wide collection of world percussion and vintage electronic drums that rounds out the collection for creative inspiration.


Drum Kit

  • 12" mesh snare, two 8" and two 10" dual-zone mesh toms
  • 6" mesh bass drum with non-slip stand
  • Two 12" dual-zone crash pads
  • 14" triple-zone ride cymbal
  • 12" hi-hat with variable pedal
  • Real snare stand allows complete customization and solid playing surface
  • Hybrid hex rack with solid, adjustable mounts provide non-slip mounting surface
Sound Module
  • Large and bright full-color graphic LCD and intuitive, easy-to-program user interface
  • 750 of the most sought-after acoustic drums, world percussion and vintage Simmons sounds
  • Bluetooth MIDI for wireless connectivity to smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Import samples to the sound module for expanded performance options
  • Record, create and edit your own samples and sets
  • Built-in performance mixer with on-the-fly mixing, pitch shift, shape parameters and more
  • Simmons Advanced app for iOS adds kit editing, sampling and more

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  SD1200 Module 'Cheat Sheet'
Posted by: Lefty38-55 - 10-06-2021, 08:47 AM - Forum: Commons - No Replies

As a non-electronic drummer before this kit, I wish Simmons would go a little more 'in depth' for what some of these options do to a sound ... like decay, or filter shape for instance. I can see the filter shapes changing on screen, but that doesn't necessarilycorrelate to what my ears are hearing ... or not, lol!

The good news is that there seems to be many options available to fine tune the hi-hat. That instrumet alone appears to be a weak point on most other < $2K to premium eKits.

Drum Sounds, # Available – 15 Ride, 21 Crash, 38 Hi-Hat, 46 Snare & 74 Tom sounds
Drum Sounds, by Category Found 54=Drum Sticks;  Latin 34=CowbelMute, 38=Timbale Hi, 40=Timbale Lo, 46=Clave;  Orchestral 3=Gong1, 4=Gong2, 14=Woodblock, 15=Windchimes
Follow Trigger – Utility Mode, on/off – Pg 22
Hi-Hat – 3 Positions: open, half-open (for sizzle), closed – Pg 17
Hi-Hat – Foot or pedal press (for splash) – Pg 18; Splash sensitivity – Pg 22
Kit Mix – F1 for Volume, Pan, Effects, Patterns – Pg 14
Kit Settings – Adjust by cursor – Pg 13
Kit Volume – F1 Mix – Pg 14
Preset Memory Protect – Utility – Pg 22
Reverb – Room, Stage, Hall & Plate – Pg 13
Velocity to Pitch – Main Drum Screen – Pg 15

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