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  The 'key' to verify your Simmons Firmware version!
Posted by: Lefty38-55 - 01-24-2022, 11:30 AM - Forum: Simmons Equipment - Replies (2)

I used this to verify the Firmware version on my SD1200 and it may work on other Simmons modules.

Hold the ‘+’ and ‘Play/Stop’ buttons together, then power up to get into the test mode. 

The Firmware will be displayed on the left, see mine is version ‘20200914’, which is the latest for the -1200 series as of today, 24Jan2022.

Shut off to exit the Test mode.

(Note, the word 'FUN' = Function)


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  Seeing 8 or 9 triggers for the Hi-Hat
Posted by: Lefty38-55 - 01-14-2022, 12:09 PM - Forum: Simmons Equipment - No Replies

An experienced 'eDrummer' I am not, so some of the techno stuff eluds me. We know that at its basic, the hi-hat has 2 zones and can be open, half open, closed and then can be operated with the pedal to close (chik) or slam (splash), for lack of better words. But I'm finding about 9 different trigger names and 7 sounds (CLBow & HOEdge duplicated) flashing across the screen as one plays the H-H in Utility mode.

These are all the triggers I’ve seen flash across the screen when hitting the Hi-Hat. All these sounds were from a factory kit using the ‘14”Z’ hi-hat.
Closed - 14”Z CLBow (this may be ‘HH Closed’, as is same as below)
HH Closed - 14”Z CLBow
HH R Closed - 14”Z CLEdge (guessing the ‘R’ means rim, for edge)
HH Open - 14”Z OpBow
HH R Open - 14”Z OpEdge (guessing the ‘R’ means rim, for edge)
HH Half Open - 14”Z HOEdge
HH R Half Open - 14”Z HOEdge (looks like it duplicates HH Half Open)
HHC Pedal - 14”Z Foot
HHC Splash - 14”Z Splash

So to follow-up … if the H-H is just truly a 2-zone devices, how are they also getting closed, half open & open sounds? 

Unless the cymbal trigger does Bow & Edge and then the pedal state adds the variety for Closed, Half Open, Open, Foot (chik) & Slam (splash) sounds? 

Does that make sense????

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  Adjust FILTERS on SD1200/1250 for improved sounds
Posted by: Lefty38-55 - 01-03-2022, 09:50 AM - Forum: Simmons Equipment - No Replies

FYI, a few friends and I that have these kits are finding that too many on the stock sounds are somewhat 'flat', even with the reverb set to Stage 2. To adjust the Filters, either the Filter or Envelope (shape) settings, press the Function button below Filter/Env in the display.

We are finding that maxing out the cutoff and resonance greatly improves the depth and sustain, especially on the cymbals and snare. We do not use it on toms. 


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  SD1200 Snare troubles!
Posted by: hearthedrummergetwicked - 11-09-2021, 01:26 PM - Forum: Simmons Equipment - Replies (4)

Oh hey, new guy here.  My SD1200 was rolling fine for a month or two, then the snare got weird.  Basically, it's triggering the head and rim together when I am just hitting the head.  Adjusting every possible snare setting to no avail.  Swapped a tom to the input and its maybe worse.  Thoughts?  For the work around, I basically find the best rim to trigger along with the snare, but overall sensitivity is also way off, sort of goes from 1 to 10 with little in between.  Thanks!

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  SD1200 RIM triggers, MOVE them for better response!
Posted by: Lefty38-55 - 11-03-2021, 02:49 PM - Forum: Simmons Equipment - Replies (1)

Well, if you've read my signature, I upgraded my SD1200 already expanded kit with a 10" tom replacing one of the smaller 8" ones. So what to do with it? Well, let's tear into it of course, and let's see what makes it work and work ... not so much.

BEFORE - I found the rim triggers lacking in response and with marginal audio, pretty much regardless of what sound was selected. I also found one had to hit them pretty good for any nornal response, but did not play around too, too much with the sensitivity, as that would change all in the kit.

Analysis - Before I took the tom apart, I took the rubber rim off, as honestly ... through my 'noise canceling'headphones (really good Seenheisers to boot!) I'd hear waaaaay too much 'rubber noise' when hitting a rim trigger. That worked, but now I was putting wood sticks to a metal rim, which OK, is like an acoustic set, but I kept playing around with it. I ended up taking the mesh head off and saw the 2 piezos stacked upon each other, 2 triangular shaped metal pieces 180-degrees opposed, the top one separated from the 'rim' pezo on the bottom, where the top piezo for the Edrum has the foam cone for the mesh head.

Solution - I removed 2 of the 3 self-tapping screws from the rimpiezo and swung it down towards the rim facing me, the eDrummer. So hold it securely- and just to test it - I used a longer screw w/ larger diameter 'fender' washer to hold that 1 screw in place, but it held that rim piezo hard against the heavy ribs that form the structure of the case interior. Even the metal 'U'-shaped clamp bracket from the eDrum case to the rack mount is thick metal, maybe 3/32" thick or better. I actually was very surprised - and impressed - at how neatly designed and configured the eDrums are.

AFTER - It worked! See the new blue position in the sketch. Wow, what an improvement ... even if only a sample of 1 test! Now, with or without headphones (I also have a small Fender guitar amp for now ...) that rim trigger actuates 100% reliably and with 1/2 the effort of what was formerly needed to trigger it (again, without modifying sensitivity settings) and these is less to no more 'rubber sound' either! Woo hoo!

Try it ... as one can easily put it back together as OEM, plus it only takes but a few minutes!

Additional - Impressions of the build quality. Extremely well-made, very heavy duty hardware, if you threw the wing nut that holds the cymbals or the eDrums to the mounts at someone  and you hit them … it would hurt them, heavier than the hardware on all but heavy, heay Tama hardware. Even all the plastic pieces have heavy ribs everywhere throughout to give it strength. All fasteners are good quality screws to metal nuts, permanently captured in their recesses. 

Note, when taking the rim lugs off, BEWARE there are thin nylon washers under the metal washers, to avoid metal-to-metal contact on the rim lugs. I'm sure done so, so as to prevent cross-talking between the 2 piezos. 

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